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Didusec (Pty) Ltd The website of Didusec (Pty) Ltd., an IT Service Management ('ITSM') company with a specific focus on business improvement and enhancement. Didusec offers expertise centred around Business Process Management ('BPM'), Project / Programme Management, and a range of associated service activities that include Project Management Office ('PMO') services, bespoke systems and application development, and infrastructure provisioning.

It leverages a range of Open Source tool-sets for this purpose, providing a cost-effective, highly flexible and innovative suite of products and services across a diverse range of economic sectors, including the utilities, banking, retail and telecoms industries.

Its website serves as a marketing / business development mechanism, as well as the front-end for registration management and administration for BPM and PMO services, talent and recruitment acquisition services, and authentication / verification for authorised and constrained access only to bespoke functional system applications that have been developed specifically for client needs.
   Lifa Insurance Brokers cc Lifa Insurance Brokers cc is a unique intermediary financial services provider offering advisory and intermediary services for a wide range of asset classes and markets, while at the same time specialising in the public transport sector - more specifically, ride-hailing / metered / non-metered taxis, shuttle and school bus transport services, and related domestic and commercial lines of business.

The website currently serves as an advertisement that highlights the necessity for short-term insurance cover, with the ultimate intention of transforming and utilsing the website for additional functionality such as on-line quotations, cost calculators and associated services, depending on business growth.
   Deaf Empowerment Firm (Pty) Ltd. Alex Msitshana is heavily invested in securing opportunities for the Deaf through the Deaf Empowerment Firm (Pty) Ltd., which she founded in 2015. The name speaks for itself, with her website similarly being designed, developed and commissioned expressly for this purpose, viz. empowerment of the Deaf Community.

Integral to the website is a comprehensive talent and recruitment acquisition system designed specifically for deaf job seekers to offer their candidacy, and catering for prospective employers of deaf candidates. The website additionally includes management and administration functionality for newsletter and site registrants.
   Developmental Psychotherapy Stefan Deutsch's blogging site focusses on 'Developmental Psychotherapy', a discipline designed to have people learn to love themselves, their spouses and family unconditionally; as well as to expand inner awareness, master effective communication skills, and work with vision, all so as to create a permanent shift in their quality of life. Deutsch believes this is the foundation for enriching good relationships as well as dealing with all other problems such as arguing, money, parenting, intimacy, depression, anxiety, fear, co-dependency, and so forth.

The site promotes interaction with visitors via social media links, promotes the sale of Deutsch's publications and will encourage participation by visitors through interaction via discussion forum facilities and comment facilities attached to published content materials in the near future.
   The Human Development Company The Human Development Company is Stefan Deutsch's non-profit training and educational research organisation, committed to delivering its applications to the widest possible audience. It is an all-volunteer organisation, made up of academics and professionals from all over the world. Its purpose is to impact every institution, from parenting to government, by introducing a new world view as encapsulated in The Continuum TheoryTM of Human Development, a super-ordinate theory of lifespan which not only posits that every human being has the innate abilities necessary to reach their optimum potential, but also gives a clear road map to developing that potential. The Continuum Theory is a 'nomothetic' law about human development, focussing on universal ssequences and their contexts, and established external laws about human development that apply to all people at all times.

The site has multiple functional features that include registrant and newsletter subscription management and administration, events management, and sector-specific content categorisation and workflow.
   International Symposium on the Science of Love On-going efforts by a range of practitioners resulted in the first Internationsl Symposium on the Science of Love, in support of which thid site was designed, developed and commissioned. It includes events management and registration functionlaity, donations management, ordering and purchasing of publications, and the publication of rich-media materials. It is expected that a similar site will be desined, devloped and commissioned for the next scheduled conference, tentatively scheduled for 2019/2020.    Just Say Yes To Love is designed for subscribers seeking guidaance on relationships. It is based on Stefan Deutsch's Continuum Theory of Human Development. The website includes an extensive questionnaire for subscribers to complete, with a review and analysis report sent in response to subscribers, repeated as required to monitor and manage changed behavious. The site additionally contains a number of articles on related topics penned by Stefan Deutch.     Synetics (Pty) Ltd Synetics is an IT Service Management ('ITSM') company that specialises in managing the computing infrastructure for enteprises. Synetics delivers network monitoring, data migration and integration, server management, and more - all with a view to assisting organisations take advantage of advanced Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies, without having to deal with the hassles of day-to-day management of such technologies.






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